The 2003 and 2004 Mustang Cobra was developed by O. John Coletti and the Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) Under the Code name
To help Ford Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang during 2004, the Special Vehicle Team developed a limited edition Mystichrome appearance package for the SVT Mustang Cobra.  SVT pioneered the use of color shifting paint on a production car with its 1996 Mystic Cobra.  The Mystichrome Appearance Package takes the technology a step further for 2004.

The exterior color changes from Topaz Green to Cobalt Blue to Royal Purple and finally to Onyx Black as the viewing angle changes.  The steering wheel and front and rear seats have the same color changing properties as the exterior.

The Mystichrome paint and the dye used to color the interior leather is able to shift colors by utilizing the physics of light interference or Interference Color vice Absorption Color.

The exterior special effect coating is a custom DuPont coating system.  The treatment utilizes ChromaFlair light interference pigmanents produced by Flex Products Inc.

More information may be obtained on Thin-Film Interference Color at and search for Mystichrome Paint or at and search for Chroma Flair.

1010 Mystichrome Cobras were manufactured; 515 Hardtops and 495 Convertibles.  This "Mystichrome Terminator" is
#388 of the 515 Hardtops.

The four photos below, taken at the Gulfport Spring Classic, demonstrate an example of the color shifting properties as the viewing angle changes.

Build Date:  January 5, 2004
1082 of 3768 Mustang Cobras
388 of 1010 Mystichrome Cobras


         Sub-Frame Connectors
Bassani Cat Back Exhaust
Cobra SS Inserts
Cobra Grill Medallion
Cobra Floor Mats


Mustang Club of America; Northshore Mustang Club;
VT Cobra Mustang Club
Engine Specifications
MCMC 25th Anniversary Southern Hospitality Mustang, Shelby and Ford Show, Biloxi MS June 2005
MS Coast Mustang Club Show June 2007
GCRMC Pensacola FL, March 2007
More Information may be obtained about John Coletti and Ford's "Terminator" in the book IRON FIST, LEAD FOOT written by Frank Moriarty and by clicking here:
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